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The strongest BRADLEY wheel ever created, the FORGED Takumi is the ultimate 4WD wheel.

The FORGED Takumi uses the forging technology of TAN-EI-SYA, which has a rare 8,000-ton hydraulic press machine that supports the world's racing scene. By applying enormous pressure to the aluminium alloy, the metal structure is made dense and uniform, ensuring high strength and rigidity.

The rim is formed using the tear-open method, in which the material is rolled while being torn by rollers, to forge it thinly and achieve both high strength and light weight.。

In addition, all surfaces of the design are machined using a machining centre and a variety of proprietary tools to ensure high precision without any residual stress distortion.

This is exactly the kind of manufacturing process that is best suited to BRADLEY's flagship competition model wheel.

Price shown is per wheel.


16×8.0J+0 5x150PCD - Land Cruiser (76 wide body)

16×6.5J-5 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (60/70 narrow body), Prado (70 narrow body)

16×7.0J-15 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (60 narrow body)

16×8.0J+0 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (80 wide body)
Prado (90 wide body), Hilux Surf (130 wide body), Pajero (V2 #: 4 # O / F type body)

16×8.5J-30 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (60/70 wide body), Prado (70 wide body)

17×8.0J+20 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser Prado (120/150), FJ Cruiser, Hilux (125), Hilux Surf (215), Pajero (V6 #: 7 #)

17×8.0J-15 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (80 wide body middle / late)

17×8.5J-30 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (60/70 wide body), Prado (70 wide body)

17×8.0J+0 5x150PCD - Land Cruiser (76/79 wide body, front)

17×8.0J-15 5x150PCD - Land Cruiser (76/79 wide body, rear)

18x8.5J+52 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (300)

18x8.5J+40 6x139.7PCD - Land Cruiser (300 tuner size

18x8.5J+50 5x150PCD - Toyota Land Cruiser (100/200)