DAMD Cantabile Wheels

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DAMD Cantabile Wheels - 5x139.7 / 15x6.0J-5 / Black is out of stock. If there isn't a restocking date shown above, we'll custom order this item for you.

  • 15x6.0J-5 5x139.7PCD - Suzuki Jimny (2018+) - JB74 - 3-Door, 4-Seater
  • 15x6.0J-5 5x139.7PCD - Suzuki Jimny (2021+) - JB74 - 3-Door, 2-Seater LCV
  • 15x6.0J-5 5x139.7PCD - Suzuki Jimny (2023+) - JB74 - 5-Door, 4-Seater
  • 15x6.0J-5 5x139.7PCD - Suzuki Jimny (1998+) - JB43
  • 15x5.0J+45 4x100PCD - Kei Cars

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The DAMD Cantabile wheel works perfectly with the DAMD LITTLE G conversion for the Suzuki Jimny JB74 (2018+), but it can also be used on regular Suzuki Jimny JB74 (2018+) models. There is also a specification suitable for Japanese 'kei cars'.

The Cantabile offers a vintage style that is available in a number of colours.


15x6.0J-5 5x139.7PCD
15x5.0J+45 4x100PCD

  • Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74) - 215/70R16 (no modifications)
  • Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74) - 225/70R16 (minor bumper trimming)
  • Suzuki Jimny 2018+ (JB74) - 235/70R16 (suspension lift 40mm+, bumper trimming)
  • Suzuki Jimny 1998-2018 (JB43) - 205/65R16 (no modifications)