Lanoguard Vehicle Underbody & Chassis Care Kit + Injector Pack Bundle

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Lanoguard is favoured by many Jimny owners in countries where the roads are heavily salted during the winter months. 

As standard, the 2018+ Jimny is supplied with sub-par underbody protection. After a single winter season, our own 2019 Jimny was showing signs of serious corrosion beginning to develop, despite the underbody being washed after every drive on salty roads.

Lanoguard is quick and easy to use. You do not need to disassemble any parts of your Jimny in order to apply it, nor do you need to be an expert. 

Once applied to the underside of your car, Lanoguard is designed to be "topped up" every 12 months, although shorter intervals might be recommended depending on the harshness of your winter road conditions.

This kit is suitable for those who have never purchased Lanoguard in the past and will be applying it for the first time. The additional 360 Injector Wand allows you to spray inside chassis rails and other hard to reach areas, allowing for complete protection.

If you already have application equipment, Refill containers are available separately.

Kit Includes:

1x Lanoguard Refill Container
1x Moto Grease
1x Professional Spray Applicator
1x 360 Injector Wand
1x Professional Spray Bottle (1 litre)

A 2 litre container is suitable for regular sized cars (such as the Suzuki Jimny). 

A 5 litre container is suitable for large vans, trucks and motorhomes.

Lanoguard Moto Spray gives you what you need to easily protect your vehicle underbody, chassis and accessories from corrosion, water damage and the harsh outdoor environment.

  • Long lasting rust prevention and waterproofing for vehicle underbody and whole chassis
  • Resistant to jet-washing, heat, salt, acid and alkaline
  • 15-20 minute easy application with very little prep needed and minimal mess
  • Non perishing and non-conductive (use it on rubbers, plastics and electric components too - no masking up needed)
  • A translucent finish which nourishes the surface it sits on

Lanoguard Moto Spray is designed for covering the underbody and chassis of vehicles and machinery as a complete translucent (but satin sheen finish) corrosion prevention barrier to weather, salt, acid, alkaline and water.